Why Fiberglass pools

What’s so great about Fiberglass anyways?

Our radiant gel coat Finishes are resistant to fading and damage caused by the sun, unlike the colored finishes many other competitors offer.
Gunite pool finishes cost an average of $10,000 to resurface every few years, but fiberglass doesn’t require that amount of maintenance – make your wallet happy!


Most fiberglass projects can be easily finished within 14 days. Gunite can take up to 6 months! That’s half a year that you could’ve been soaking up the sun in your brand-new pool, gone just like that.


Fiberglass is 17 times stronger than any other leading materials in the industry. This leaves you with a reduced risk of getting cracks, punctures or tears. Fiberglass pools are compatible with salt chlorination systems, that means you’ll never have to deal with that strong chlorine smell again, and you can count on soft skin, safe eyes, and wavy beach hair.


Most pool owners spend over 5 hours a week cleaning pools with a gunite finish. Luckily, when you have a fiberglass pool maintenance is only expected to take less than 60 minutes a week. That mean less work, more swimming!
Just imagine the amount of work you’ll have to do and the tons of money you’ll be spending on maintenance if and when a storm blows through and your gunite pool transforms into an ocean.


“…if fiberglass pools are cheaper that must mean they’re cheaper quality!” Although we hear this statement quite often, it’s actually a myth!
Fiberglass pools do cost less upfront, but the reason for this is the difference in installation time. Quicker installation equals cheaper labor cost.